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Folding Bike

Road cycling, Tern
Tern Node D16 -The Café Racer 24" Folding Bike The Node D16 takes your ride up a notch with high profile double-wall rims, Kojak street...

TW$55000 TW$49500
Road cycling, Tern
Tern Verge P10 Folding Bike The Verge P10 is built for performance. With 451 racing wheels and aerodynamic T-Tuned™ geometry, it rides with...

TW$48000 TW$43000
Road cycling, Tern
TERN Eclipse D16 Folding Bike The Eclipse D16 delivers the best price-to-performance ratio of any bike in our lineup. Designed with full-sized...

Folding bike, Flamingo
Flamingo BP/ BP+ 16" Folding Bike 7 Speed  FLAMINGO BP is a perfect folding bike, It has perfect folding size and convenience to carry, whether...